Digital Learning & Design

Course Design Timeline

Launching a successful online course with the Digital Learning and Design team depends on meeting the milestones outlined below within the suggested timeframe. Feel free to work ahead of the suggested deadlines; your Learning Designer will work with you to develop a schedule that ensures successful course development. 

Learning Designers are allocated to multiple projects. Your Learning Designer will provide timely feedback and support throughout the course design process. Should multiple milestones be missed, however, your Learning Designer will not be able to provide the same level of engagement. They will then provide you with the resources to work more independently. If you prefer to work more independently in general, your Learning Designer will likewise provide you with the appropriate resources.

If you have questions about the process or timeline, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Learning Designer or email



Project kickoff 16 weeks before course launch
Course outline 12 weeks before course launch
Draft assessments & discussions 10 weeks before course launch
Finalize readings 8 weeks before course launch
Online modules designed & in Canvas 8 weeks before course launch
Media complete 6 weeks before course launch
Final details complete 6 weeks before course launch
Quality Control Check 4 weeks before course launch
Instructor Canvas training complete 2-4 weeks before course launch
Course ready for students 1 week before course launch

Please note: Instructors will also be asked to conduct a course debrief after the course ends.