Digital Learning & Design


We partner with instructors to create engaging learning experiences, and we foster innovative teaching at Brown University.


Formed in August, 2019, by the Office of the Provost, the Digital Learning & Design team assists faculty in developing and implementing creative digital solutions for their courses. It comprises experts in digital pedagogy from the former Instructional Technology Group and the School of Professional Studies' Online Learning and Design teams.

Where we are going

Digital Learning & Design aims to harness the potential of digital technologies, multimedia and innovative pedagogies so that instructors can innovate, expand their reach, and deepen their impact through teaching, research and engagement.

Guiding Principles

  • We believe building strong partnerships across the university leads to greater success in teaching and learning.
  • We believe in academic success for all, and that learner diversity strengthens empathy, creativity and agility within a complex world.
  • We believe that every member of our community is a learner. 
  • We believe in respecting faculty’s individual pedagogical approach. 
  • We believe in working with a foundation of research to push boundaries in teaching & learning.
  • We believe in taking risks and iterating as a means to achieve excellence in teaching and learning.