Digital Learning & Design


Digital Learning & Design’s mission is to partner with instructors to create engaging learning experiences and foster innovative teaching at Brown University.


It is our aim that the Brown community will look to Digital Learning and Design as both a trusted service provider and incubator for new ideas. Working with Digital Learning & Design, instructors will innovate, expand their reach, and deepen their impact through teaching, research and engagement. Instructors will make just-in-time data informed decisions to better understand and increase student engagement. Digital Learning & Design will advance University strategic goals and priorities as a valued partner across campus. Digital Learning & Design will be recognized as a leader both within the Brown community and worldwide.  

Guiding Principles

Digital Learning & Design team members are guided by a shared set of beliefs that are at the foundation of all that we do.

These principles are ever present in our intent:

  • Learner centric, 
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion, and
  • Community collaboration.

Our shared beliefs: 

  • Building strong partnerships across the university leads to greater success in teaching and learning.
  • Learner diversity strengthens empathy, creativity and agility within a complex world-academic success for all. 
  • Every member of our community is a learner. 
  • Respecting individual pedagogical approaches promotes faculty commitment. 
  • Working with a foundation of research is a means to achieve excellence in teaching and learning.
  • Taking risks and iterating helps us push boundaries in teaching & learning.

Priorities and Goals

Digital Learning & Design’s strategy is built around five priorities:


  • Build cohesive vision and shared understanding amongst team members. 
  • Increase employee fulfillment and foster personal growth.
  • Provide skill development for individual growth and to meet service needs. 
  • Increase sense of team working as an integrated and inclusive unit-enabling all to participate and contribute fully.  


  • Ensure shared understanding and clarity of processes. 
  • Forecast required resources for projects. 
  • Define expectations and parameters for all projects with our constituents. 
  • Improve tech support processes. 
  • Improve online course development process.
  • Ensure all instructor experiences with Digital Learning & Design are positive and impactful.


  • Every team member can communicate the shared mission and vision of Digital Learning & Design.
  • Expand Digital Learning & Design’s reach and impact at Brown. 
  • Increase Digital Learning & Design’s presence outside of Brown.
  • Team members have a clear understanding of Digital Learning & Design’s priorities, current work, and their roles.


  • Empower instructors to deliver engaging learning experiences.
  • Deliver and showcase exemplary projects.
  • Foster learning environments that are conducive to student success.
  • Help instructors to make sound pedagogical choices. 
  • Enable instructors to develop courses with autonomy and independence.
  • Partner with instructors and program leads to develop curriculum and make use of digital tools for student engagement and learning and to create the desired student experience for their audience.


  • Try new things.
  • Be seen as a trusted partner for experimentation and risk-taking. 
  • Stay informed of leading technology and pedagogical practices. 
  • Provide opportunities and resources for ongoing professional growth and learning.
  • Inspire instructors to see possibilities and make them accessible-low floor, high ceiling, wide walls.
  • Lead experiments that serve as catalysts for new and expanding pedagogical approaches.


Who We Are

Digital Learning & Design is a team of learning designers, technologists, and media professionals who:

  • Help instructors to design engaging online, residential, & blended courses; 
  • Inspire instructors to try new things: experiment, take risks, explore, build and pilot; 
  • Provide flexible digital solutions and classroom spaces;
  • Design and produce integrated media solutions and assets, and 
  • Create collaborative learning communities of individuals across campus 

What We Do

The team provides the campus community with expertise in:

  • Instructional and learning experience design,
  • Inclusive learning space design,
  • Media consultation,
  • Audio/video, animation, web content production,
  • Technological-pedagogical research,
  • Accessible course design for online, blended and residential modalities, and
  • Universal Design for Learning.